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Our 5mg Hemp Derived D9 gummies are infursed with the terpene B-Myrcene which is known for its uplifiting effects. This small dose could be the best way to introduce yourself to the world of edibles. 
Always remember though when eating edibles, start by cutting into halfs or quaters, then eat one piece and wait 15-90 mintues before consuming more. 
Looking for a heavier dose? Our 25mg gummies are bigger in size and weight, and just as effective as our 5mg's.
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Drop of Sunshine Gummies
Written by Sean on May 23rd 2022

I tried these during a weekend away with some friends and they quickly became a go-to for me. You get an uplifting high that keeps you mentally sharp and doesn’t overwhelm you.

My order
Written by Julia Stearman on Apr 5th 2022

Amazing! Everything was better than expected! 10/10 recommend!

Joint Relief and Gummies
Written by Ed G on Mar 24th 2022

Probably the best joint relief cream and gummies that I've had. The joint relief works wonders and I slept like a baby after a gummy. No weird high feeling, just a great mellow ride.

Written by Liesel on Mar 9th 2022

Helps me relax and sleep. Ive teied other brands and they never work your product is the best. I first met the owner at the la fitness show when you were first starting out and i brought a bunch of product. I wish i can buy more but im on fixed i come for cancer (im on Disability) sorry wish i can buy more Thank you