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Why Drop of Sunshine?

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All of our products here at Drop of Sunshine are made in house with each product having it’s own personal lab testing. Which you can find by scanning the box with a QR code reader from your phone. QR code readers can be as easy as using the camera of a iPhone or for androids in the app store.  EVERY batch is tested, this means when we sell out of a certain product and need to make more we test that product again. Even if we are using the same formula and same source for our base ingredients.

We have vetted our ingredients and take time to know where our raw materials come from. Even if those raw ingredients have been “tested” we test them again with our own lab testing facility here in California. We strive to ensure that the people who purchase a Drop of Sunshine receive safe, high quality products.

Our goal is to be transparent to the consumer so they are educated on what they put in their body. Which is why we do our best to use all natural plant based ingredients. It’s all made with love!

CBD is another way to live an holistic lifestyle, we are that lifestyle brand creating products for the artist of the world, and as you know we are all artist! Weather you are stay at mom or painter. We all create in some form or fashion, which is why all our boxes that hold our products are lined with art work by an artist. Always be on the look out for the newest art to make the inside lining of our boxes. Every run of boxes we take submissions from other artist and pick one winner to be featured inside the lining. Who will be next to have their art and their Instagram handle lining Drop of Sunshine boxes?

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