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 What’s New at Drop of Sunshine!

We at the Drop of Sunshine are always staying on top of the industry standards. Not only are we lab testing through CannaSafe each raw ingredient we infuse into our products. CannaSafe also lab test each individual product that we create as well. We want to be here for the long run and provide quality products to each of our customers. Which is why we just teamed up with Esha Research and acquired their FDA complaint program which will allow us to provide FDA complaint nutritional facts on our packaging. There is a lot of brands out there that are making products and have no knowledge behind what it is they are making. Over 90% are white labeled companies just relying on what they are told and trying to cash in. Majority do not care about regulating this industry. Drop of Sunshine does care. We care about you!

Above is an example of the pesticide testing from CannaSafe on one of our raw ingredients. Our goal is making sure we keep you safe.

The testing above is from a new raw crude that we are starting to work with. One of our methods of mainting quality safe products is to test our raw indredients multiple times oursleves to make sure our results are coming back accurately before allowing a consumer to ingest anything.

Our pet’s are no different!

We take the same pride into our furry friends as we do us humans. Which is why we won the award for “Best Pet Product” at the USA CBD Expo in Miami this year. Pet’s Life is just that for your pet’s.


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