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Protecting the brain with FOCUS

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     All you need to know about Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia


Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia are progressive neurological disorders that impact memory, cause confusion, and make everyday life and impossibility to sustain owing to cognitive deficiencies. What researchers have discovered in both diseases is the presence of a protein called a beta-amyloid peptide, has been shown as a major contributor to the formation of such degenerative conditions. While specific drugs have been applied in disease management and progression, studies have shifted towards the benefits of alternative therapies and how they can minimize the development and advancement of amyloid. The peptide is known to target cognitive thinking by causing a significant decline in intellectual abilities. The latest data has taken a closer look at the role of CBD and Ginkgo Biloba and how it is slowing the transmission or inhibiting the creation of amyloid in the Dementias. We take a closer look at the importance of such research and whether a natural combination of CBD and Ginkgo Biloba does play an influential role in preserving cognitive function.


What the Research Says About Amyloid and Alzheimer’s

The amyloid plaques that impact intellectual functioning in Alzheimer’s and Dementia form from the breakdown of a large protein that is called amyloid precursor protein (APP)!

Studies have revealed that the presence of beta-amyloid contributes to nerve cell damage during the disease’s earliest stages. Theory also points to amyloid, causing holes across the neural membranes resulting in cognitive decline.

As the peptide or plaque cannot be broken down by the body, it causes progressive neurological degeneration. Amyloid is a prominent feature in Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The presence of entangled and multiplying plaques conducted during an autopsy often confirms a diagnosis of the Dementias.

While research is ongoing, available treatments are only known to slow and manage symptoms but not the progression of the disease. Recent trials have indicated that a boost in the immune health of the brain minimizes the formation of the amyloid plaque (News Medical Life Sciences, 2018).

How Alternative Therapy is Supporting Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research

Alzheimer’s disease remains the most common neurodegenerative condition in the world. Despite its lack of a cure, alternative therapies including CBD (cannabidiol) and Ginkgo Biloba, a brain enhancing supplement, have shown promising results in minimizing its rapid progression while protecting against its cognitive decline.

As research has shown the importance of brain immunity and how it can protect cognition, incorporating supplements such as CBD and Ginkgo Biloba could provide a powerful solution to minimize its development.


The Role of CBD and Ginkgo Biloba in Brain Health

How CBD Supports Cognitive Function

Experiments, in which CBD was applied to Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, revealed that cells receiving CBD could outlive the negative impact caused by the amyloid-beta peptide. Further research has indicated that CBD, along with its valuable terpenes, assisted in the prohibition of acetylcholinesterase, which causes the deterioration of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter required in memory.

A significant part of Alzheimer’s treatment involves the protection of acetylcholine in an effort to preserve cognitive function. As CBD has indicated such favorable results in preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine, it can also decrease the proliferation of amyloid (Daily CBD).

Ginkgo Biloba and Alzheimer’s

Ginkgo Biloba is obtained from a tree that was traditionally used in Chinese Medicine. The alternative compound is recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties and is a well-known antioxidant.

Ginkgo Biloba has been used as a natural cognitive health supplement for more than two decades. As a prominent herbal remedy, it is the antioxidant that has shown a moderate effect in reducing cognitive decline.


Drop of Sunshine Introduces FOCUS, the Brain Boosting CBD and Ginkgo Biloba Tincture

The powerful combination of pure CBD and Ginkgo Biloba is incorporated in Drop of Sunshine’s FOCUS tincture. The brain neural protector has been developed to boost mental function with the added benefits of improved mood and protection against cognitive decline. Containing all-natural ingredients, the FOCUS tincture is a daily supplement that can be safely used to protect the brain while encouraging balance.


How FOCUS Promotes Brain Health

CBD assists in stabilizing mood while providing protection against neural degeneration. Ginkgo Biloba is a brain health supplement, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant supporting optimum cognitive function.


Drop of Sunshine is the leading CBD supplier in the US. We have created an innovative and natural tincture, FOCUS, containing our organic CBD and Ginkgo Biloba extract. Our unique formulation provides the cognitive support needed against mental decline and degenerative disease. FOCUS supports mental clarity, sustained concentration, and the ability to focus throughout your day and life.

Visit Drop of Sunshine and start your journey towards mental fortitude and lasting well-being with all-natural supplements you can trust.

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