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July 4th!

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As fourth of July approaches we all know that our furry friends may be cowering in the corner somewhere and having a panic attack, unsure of what to do. This is such a terrible site to see and can be a very traumatic time of year for many animals. The loud bangs, the crackling and roars across the city will echo for many days after.

What are some of the proper steps to prepare for this time of year?  Let’s check out a few things that may help prepare our little friends prior to and during the fireworks.

  • Check where and when firework displays are being held in your local area so that you know when to expect fireworks.
  • Ask your neighbors to let you know if they are planning any unofficial displays of their own to help you prepare.
  • Play some loud firework noises on the television or through your speakers. Although you will want to do this with some major caution in case your pet is noise phobic. If you notice even the speaker sounds of fireworks setting your pet off then maybe resist from this method and check with a veterinarian.
  • Make sure on the night of the celebrations your pet’s water bowl is filled. Anxiety can cause more panting and drive your dogs to become more thirsty than normal.
  • Double check your microchip is up to date with your pet in the case of total chaos and panic your pet decides to run. This is a scary to think about, but it is a possibility and we don’t want our pet’s to be lost in the streets.
  • Feed your dog a while before you expect any disturbances. Once the fireworks start your dog may be too anxious to eat.
  • Insert your Pet’s Life   directly into your pet’s mouth for the most absorption.
  • Walk your dog before dusk.
  • Always make sure that your yard is escape proof.
  • Make a safe place for your pet to hide and retreat to during the fireworks.
  • Try to create a distraction as best as possible for your dog during the fireworks by turning on the television or radio to some soothing music.
  • Always send positive energy and good vibes to your dogs. They begin to do odd things or even revert to some older unwanted issues, but don’t reprimand them. This will only send them into a more confused anxious state.
  • If they retreat do not try to get them out. It totally makes sense to want to bring them out of their safe place so you can love on them, but it’s best for them to stay in their safe place.
  • Reward them with treats for being calm.
  •  Do not take your dog to a fire work show or tie them up outside.

We at Drop of Sunshine understand how important our pet’s are. They are an extension of us and are part of the family. We hope these little things help you and your family through these celebrations. Please be safe and enjoy the fourth of July! Remember if you use the promo code FURRYFRIENDS you can receive 15% off your purchase of Pet’s Life. NOW AVAILABLE PET’S LIFE FOR LARGE ANIMALS!  



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