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Humanity and Covid-19

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         COVID-19 PANDEMIC

Bringing Together Humanity and the Importance of Doing Our Part to Stop this Virus

Social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantines have been imposed to protect against the rapid spread of COVID-19. The control of socialization and physical contact has begun to rob us of our companionship, our connections, and, ultimately, our humanity. The solution is to find meaning and connections through behaviors other than physical contact in a time of social distancing. Drop of Sunshine takes a closer look at the incredible ways you can do your part to unite humanity and to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Learning Resilience during COVID-19
One of the most important aspects of being human is our ability to connect emotionally and spiritually. What many people have failed to recognize is the amazing ability for humans to adapt to changing environments over time. It is during the COVID-19 pandemic that we all need to learn resilience and creative ways of maintaining our human connections. In doing so, we also contribute to stopping the virus in the most exceptional ways.
While social distancing and lockdowns have placed a halt on our physical connections, we can still connect emotionally and spiritually. By combining our sense of creativity and ingenuity with technology, we can fight this virus together.

Using Technology to Stay Connected
The first step is to adhere to the lockdown and quarantine conditions to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. During our lockdown, we can maintain our connections by communicating with one another online. Using our mobile phones and popular applications, we can stay indoors while continuing to converse with those who are important to us.
A great way to maintain our human connection is to create videos or posts of our daily lives. Share with others how you are coping during the pandemic or activities that help you stay busy during the lockdown. Post your videos or stories to social media and encourage others to engage online. You will be amazed at the number of people who can relate to you and who show their sincere appreciation. It helps us feel united and lets us know we are not alone.
With social distancing, various locations from pubs and clubs to gyms and beaches remain closed. These social spots provided much interaction and connectedness. We can stay connected during an issued lockdown and social distancing. Greeting others while standing in queues with a nod and a wave can go a long way to maintaining our sense of humanity. Assisting seniors through delivery services or picking up the phone, and contacting people who remain isolated, helps us in every way to manage our connectedness. It also allows us to share compassion and empathy for others, which is ultimately our humanity.

Respecting the lockdowns, the washing of hands, and social distancing
By respecting the lockdowns, the washing of hands, and social distancing, we respect the well-being and the lives of others. During these uncertain times of isolation, we can still connect with others through the internet. We can make a difference by assisting those who are less fortunate by driving campaigns to donate food, and we can acknowledge others with a smile, a nod, or a wave but all from a distance. The more people who join such purposes, the higher the difference we can make together to stop the spread of this virus. Drop of Sunshine Cares for All Humanity! 

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