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CannaSafe x Drop of Sunshine

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CannaSafe Labs has invited Drop of Sunshine along with some other amazing companies to be a part of Valley Crossfit’s competition/Cannabis 101 event! We are very pleased to be a part of this event and representing the only hemp derived company there.

CannaSafe has established itself as one of the most trusted names in safe cannabis. Being the first accredited Cannabis lab in the world. CannaSafe was the first accredited lab in Cannabis. In 2012 CannaSafe received ISO 17025 Accreditation. Providing quality, value, and integrity-based testing to businesses and consumers for verifiable and safe Cannabis consumption. Thank you CannaSafe for believing in Drop of Sunshine! 

Did I mention Dr. Michele Ross will be speaking!? Dr. Michele Ross is known in the cannabis world as one of the most educated people around. With her neuroscience background and living with fibromyalgia  she has helped 1000’s of people with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more she actually wrote a book. Her talents help people live their best life through cannabis, mushrooms, and mindset work. Definitely check out her book “Vitamin Weed”. 

This is a great honor for Drop of Sunshine and it speaks to what we are doing.  Providing quality products, lab tested, made with love, and proven to help. Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far and thank you to everyone who will soon become Drop of Sunshine advocates. We appreciate you all in this world! Keep creating.

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