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By February 6, 2020 25 Comments

How to Relieve Chronic Stress with CBD

 Anxiety and stress often go hand-in-hand with disruptive effects on the mind and the body. With millions of Americans debilitated by stress annually, quality of life is severely impacted by hypertension, insomnia, tension, and limiting symptoms. Many people seek relief from these symptoms using prescription medication with the potential for high dependence. As the medical and healthcare industries turn their attention towards alternative medicine, more patients are benefiting from natural remedies, including CBD and stress management.

 Why CBD for Stress?

CBD or Cannabidiol is the plant-based compound found in cannabis. It is non-psychoactive and produces a mild calming effect on the body. High-quality CBD has become popular natural support for stress management and relief. It creates the relaxation needed, without the adverse effects of chronic prescription medication.

 The Benefits of CBD for Stress Relief

Many are under the misconception that the use of CBD for stress and anxiety will cause a “high” or psychoactive effect. It is only the compound THC that is responsible for psychoactive influences.

Stress is one of the leading causes of illness and imbalance. It is recognized as compromising the health of the immune system, increasing tension in the body while exacerbating depression and weight gain. From hypertension and heart palpitations to increased risk of stroke, a stressful lifestyle requires a healthier and sustainable alternative to provide lasting relief.

Whether you are affected by the stress of a challenging day, an upcoming event, or chronic illness, CBD will provide relaxation with naturally soothing effects. Many people who experience high levels of daily panic, anxiety, and stress have expressed a reduction in and the disappearance of symptoms.

 How CBD Relieves Stress

For those who useCBD to decrease their stress, their testament to its effectiveness holds significant value. But CBD and scientific research have also shown just how the cannabis compound can alleviate the negative impact that a difficult lifestyle can have on your health.

Studies have shown that CBD is most potent in reducing the impact of high anxiety through neurotransmitter regeneration. An important mood-regulating neurotransmitter is Serotonin. Serotonin is strengthened as the CBD compounds bind to its receptors.

When placed under long-term stress, the body’s balance becomes irregulated. As CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (responsible for maintaining body balance), it alleviates our fear and heals our anxiety.

Chronic Stress and the Brain

Ongoing stress has a negative impact on the chemistry of the brain. CBD is a natural way to produce support and re balancing of chemicals, directly alleviating the strain of such conditions. This is why the FOCUS tincutre was created. To help relieve stress and allow you to FOCUS on the day to day task.

Investing in your health is the best way to support your lasting quality of life. When stressful symptoms start to disrupt your life, your health, and your happiness, it is time to act against such debilitating symptoms. CBD is non-habit forming, is relaxing, and works with the endocannabinoid system to restore balance and regulate mood. The greatest advantage of it all is that CBD is a natural therapy for the management of stress.


  • Mark Janeo says:

    Wow, I really need this. How I wish CBD is allowed in the Philippines.

  • Meldred Judith says:

    This is not yet legal in our country. I love to try this method.

  • Wilson Jake says:

    I have not heard of CBD but I am sure I have heard of stress and what cause to the body especially the brain. Stress has a negative impact on the brain, I wish more people will start relaxing better with CBD

  • Mery Castle says:

    There are many causes of stress or anxiety and I agree that sometimes the medicine does not cover these problems completely, for which alternative medicine is necessary, which is more efficient in these cases.

  • Jessa says:

    Too much stress really one of the main reason for having anxiety that affects our mental and physical health. Good thing that the CBD was discovered as one of the helpful solution for this kind of illness that help the person relax and can avoid having an anxiety attack. Testaments from those users of CBD is an encouragement for others who are battling with anxiety to try it also.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele says:

    The benefits of CBD cannot be overemphasized. Stress is one of the leading causes of illness and imbalance. It is recognized as compromising the health of the immune system, increasing tension in the body while exacerbating depression and weight gain. Thanks for this lifeguarding article.

  • Glad says:

    People go through stress everyday which comes as a result of either work, emotional stress etc which can really be a challenging period for the victim. However I never knew cannabis can be helpful in relieving the stress. Thanks for the information

  • Adz Perez says:

    Anxiety, Stress and Depression all go hand in hand and they are supposed to be kept in check as these may lead to worse mental conditions. Good thing there is that neurotransmitter that allows the regulation of Serotonin. Thank God for that.

  • maria says:

    Cannabidiol is a great plant-based compound found in cannabis. it excellent for stress relief because It is non-psychoactive and produces a mild calming effect on the body which helps in calming the nerves.

  • conrad pranze villas says:

    People had been using these psychoactive drugs ever since. People just need to be reminded that this drug can still be harmful if used without any supervision. we need to comply with the proper authorities too.

  • Janine Bocateja says:

    I’m having this Post Traumatic Stress Depression since I was in grade school after a traumatic event in the family. I don’t rely on any pills or what not. I eat healthy and learn to do my regular exercise to calm me down. Watching my favorite documentaries and movies helps a lot. It depends on how you calm down your anxiety. You know yourself better.

  • Roy says:

    In my opinion, CBD is one of the best stress relievers out there. I totally vouch for it.

  • Meg W says:

    I do agree CBD is a very good stress reliever. I just wish it was legal in my country.

  • Patricia says:

    Thank you for this very valuable information. I have been using cannabis for stress relief for some time now and I highly recommend it.

  • Oliver says:

    More states should move fast to legalize cannabis. The benefits are just too many to ignore.

  • Daphne says:

    It’s a good thing that CBD has been scientifically shown to relieve stress. A backing from science is always a big plus.

  • Teddy says:

    I have learnt so much from this article. I look forward to even more helpful articles on cannabis like this one.

  • Kindly says:

    I can attest to the fact that CBD is a stress manager because I have had a good experience with it. CBD is highly recommended to whoever need to use it.

  • Louis says:

    It saddens me that a lot of countries still refuse to legalize cannabis. They are missing out a lot.

  • Shantel says:

    It is prudent to always get your cannabis from a certified pharmacy. That way the quality is assured.

  • Anderson says:

    Indeed, millions of people suffer from anxiety and chronic depression. Cannabis has helped these groups a great deal.

  • Storm says:

    I am glad that the medical community is slowly starting to accept the benefits of cannabis as a stress reliever. I hope this pushes more countries to legalize it.

  • Sylvia says:

    Cannabis has never disappointed me when it comes to relieving anxiety. It is so much better than most prescription drugs.

  • Prince says:

    CDB helps to act against stressful symptoms which start to disrupt your life, your health, and your happiness. Thanks, I will never give stress a breathing space

  • Danielle M says:

    I had no idea that there something like CBD to deal with the effects produced by stress. I always thought that looking for natural ways to combact the effects from stress is betetr than taking prescripted medicines.

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